Yes, Covid-19 has caused challenges. Health concerns, work, childcare, schooling and social restrictions appear to be topping the list. But we’ve seen people wherever possible viewing recent times with a “glass half full” attitude. Many clients have spoken about the importance of health and how thankful they are that their families have stayed well. You have spoken about the challenge, but also the benefits of working at home – no-one has mentioned that they miss commuting and working long hours away from your families. Many of us have rediscovered the benefits of a bit more time on our hands and the flexibility gained from working at home. The importance of getting out for a regular walk with the kids has featured in many conversations, also having a laugh and finding new ways to socialise as a family. Simple pleasures that cost very little.

There has been a sense that we’ve all simply been more present with our families. This is what will live long in the memory as the situation eventually fades. Money can never replace this.

Not having enough money certainly causes worry. However for many of you, your mindset has changed significantly, your view of how much is enough is now different. That shiny new car or expensive holiday is a bit less important to many, instead “enough” is now more focused on experiences, health and togetherness. We’ve seen a greater focus on planning for the long-term, ensuring you’ve enough to really support your families and live your life, as opposed to material possessions.

If you have been impacted financially by the restrictions, structured financial planning will help you deal with the situation, as you can consider different potential scenarios in the future. Having a robust roadmap will give you increased confidence that you will emerge from your short-term challenges.

Have a financial plan and manage your money wisely. The money is not important in itself, instead view it as a means to free your mind and to let you enjoy the things you love doing.